Welcome to ALOps, an extension for Microsoft Azure DevOps, for easily setting up build pipelines for AL Language Extensions, aka “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions”.

Complete documentation can be found our GitHub project.

Build Steps Overview


  • APP Compiler
    • Compile AL Source to .APP file
    • Example in yaml
- task: ALOpsAppCompiler@1
  displayName: 'Compile Extension'
    usedocker: true
    nav_app_version: $(AppVersion)
    failed_on_warnings: true 
  • APP Sign
    • Sign AL-App with PFX
  • APP Sign Verify
    • Verify the Sign-State of an App
    • Validate Publisher
    • Validate Timestamp
  • APP Publish
    • Publish and Install AL-App on environment
    • Example in yaml:
- task: ALOpsAppPublish@1
  displayName: 'Publish AL-App'
    usedocker: true
    nav_artifact_app_filter: '*.app'   
    skip_verification: true  
  • APP TestSuite
    • Run TestSuite
    • Example in yaml:
- task: ALOpsAppTest@1
  displayName: 'Run TestSuite'
    usedocker: true
    import_action: "Skip"
    testfilter: $(TestFilter)
    show_available_tests: true
  continueOnError: true    
  • APP Cleaner
    • Remove AL-Apps from Environment
  • APP Copy
    • Copy AL-Apps between Environments

Business Central

  • Package Import
    • Import Configuration Packages (RapidStart)
  • Import License
    • Import Business Central License


  • Docker Start
    • Start a BC docker container
    • Example in yaml:
- task: ALOpsDockerStart@1
    docker_image: mcr.microsoft.com/businesscentral/sandbox
    docker_pull: true  
  • Docker Wait
    • Wait for BC docker container startup
    • Example in yaml:
- task: ALOpsDockerWait@1
    search_string: 'Ready for connections!'  
  • Docker Remove
    • Cleanup BC docker container
    • Example in yaml:
- task: ALOpsDockerRemove@1
  displayName: 'Remove Docker Container'
  enabled: true
  condition: always()
    docker_login: 'Insider Docker Registry'

DevEnv Objects

  • Object Import
    • Import .fob files
    • Import .txt files
    • Example in yaml:
- task: ALOpsFobImport@1
  displayName: 'ALOPS Import FOB'
    usedocker: true
    fixed_tag: $(dockerContainerTag)
    filePath: '.fob/NoTable.fob'
    import_action: 'Overwrite'
    synchronize_schema_changes: 'Yes'
    generate_symbol_reference: true
  • Object Export
    • Export .fob files
    • Export .txt files
  • Compile
    • Compile a range of C/AL Objects